G E T A W A Y :: Richmond for Ashley and Rich's Wedding

I am finally home after ten days of vacation!!  I had the best time but it definitely feels nice to be home.  The adventure started with a trip to Richmond to Rob's cousin Ashley's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and the reception venue was gorgeous!!  Rob's sister Erin was the maid of honor so it was fun having her in town from San Diego.
Me, Rob, and Erin
They released doves as part of their "love birds" theme
Of course the trip to the wedding was a little stressful.  Rob and I woke up the morning of the wedding to shower and realized we still didn't have power from the big storms the night before.  I went to call my parents to ask if we could shower there only to find out we didn't have any cell phone service either!  Frantic, we just packed up all of our stuff and drove to my parents house (I was still in my nightgown!)  Unfortunately when we got to my parents house they were doing even worse than us.  Their house not only didn't have power but they also lost a maple tree and a ton of siding from the house and shingles from the roof.  I left our keys with my parents thinking they might need to throw out everything in my fridge if we didn't get power in time. (We got it back about 36 hours later!)  Then we moved on to Rob's parent's house.  No power or service there either.  We threw on clothes and just drove to Richmond hoping for the best.  I was so nervous for Ashley that Richmond might not have power either but thankfully their church and reception were unscathed.  However her parent's house did not have power!  I can't imagine how stressful that must have been.  We got to Rob's grandparents house in plenty of time to shower and get ready for the wedding.  What a crazy morning!
Jen's son Dylan was such a cute (and hilarious) ring bearer
This wedding was the first one Rob and I attended together and it was so fun going to a wedding being married.  We spent the entire night on the dance floor.  Similar to our wedding, they had a photo booth so we had a ton of fun taking pictures too.  After the wedding, everyone stayed at the same hotel in Richmond.  We had a blast celebrating in the room and at the bar downstairs, although I think some of us paid for it the next morning ;)  Rich's family is so much fun and his sister is always my partner in crime at parties!  I wish they lived closer but now we are just going to have to plan a trip to New York to visit!
Too much fun in the photo booth
The next day we ate breakfast then headed straight to San Diego with Erin for eight days!


  1. Weddings are so fun! Pretty pictures!

    Amanda at http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  2. The wedding looks so beautiful. The story of no power or place to take a shower is somewhat funny, but I'm sure it was the exact opposite of funny that morning.

  3. So sorry to hear about those storms! I can't believe how many people were left without power! But it looks like everything turned out well--what a beautiful wedding! Loved your dress :)

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  5. Photo of you with rob (1st one) i like that so much. In that you look superb.. Well not bad in wedding dress too.


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