Jul 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Routines

While some people may consider routines boring, I LOVE them!  Maybe it's because we already have so many unknowns in our life or maybe it's because I just like knowing what to expect, but I love having a good routine in place.  Our Saturday morning routine has evolved into this perfect routine that I look forward to every week.  We have done the same thing every week for the last couple of months and each time I still get excited.  I think part of the magic is that Saturday mornings feel like stolen time since for the last couple years, most Saturday mornings were slept away thanks to Friday night! ;)
Pensacola Palafox Market
Our morning starts by waking up slowly.  Reading in bed, talking, but never rushing and never setting an alarm.  Once our stomachs finally start rumbling, we head downtown to Bodacious Brew for almond milk lattes and scrambles.  The coffee at Bodacious is absolutely amazing and the food is wonderful too.  They make the food next door at their sister restaurant, The Bodacious Olive, and everything is so tasty.
Things to do in Downtown Pensacola
Bodacious Brew Pensacola FL
Brunch at Bodacious Brew
After filling up on coffee and brunch, we head to the other side of Palafox Street to stock up on fresh and local produce for the week at the farmers market.  I love to walk around and look at all the interesting vendors but cannot leave without my usual haul - kale, eggplant, seasonal berries and fresh flowers.
Palafox Market Pensacola
Farmers Market in Pensacola
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Pensacola Farmers Market
In addition to fruits and veggies, I have two favorite stops at the Palafox Market.  The first is to listen to the awesome bluegrass band that plays every Saturday.  (The sign below about looking for a new bass player cracks me up!)
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Palafox Market Pensacola FL
The second is grabbing lemonades at the East Hill Honey stand.  East Hill Honey is an awesome local honey company run by the cutest Pensacola couple.  (They deliver their honey weekly to East Hill proper by bicycle!) A trip to the market is never complete without a mason jar of their delicious honey lemonade.
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We usually round out the day with a beach trip or time by the pool.  Is it Saturday yet?!  How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

Jul 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

We had a fabulous long holiday weekend but I must admit that in all of the celebrating, I kind of forgot to take pictures.  Some weekends just call for being present and enjoying the moment I suppose!  Luckily I caught a few highlights on my iphone.
Blue Wahoos Game Pensacola, FL
Blue Wahoos Wahoo-rita
Thursday night we went to the Blue Wahoos game and watched Jesse Winkler hit a home run at the bottom of the 9th to win the game.  This was topped only by the fireworks show after the game.  Seriously these fireworks were the best.  They were over 20 minutes long, perfectly set to awesome music and featured some cool sparkly fireworks I had never seen before.
Baseball game in Pensacola Florida
We woke up on Friday with plans to go to the beach but weren't too sure about braving the traffic/crowds so decided to head over to The Magnolia for lunch and see how we felt after. The Magnolia is this adorable little restaurant off Scenic Highway that has incredible chicken salad and the most delicious "kitchen sink" cheesecake dessert on earth. When we got to The Magnolia, the owners (the coolest young couple, Kiley and Bill!) were out back drinking beers and grilling. We ended up hanging out, eating burgers and brats from the grill and drinking for the majority of the day. It was completely spontaneous and felt like we were at a 4th of July cookout at a friend's house. They truly make you feel like family. Rob held down the keg and I finished off a bottle drank some delicious La Merika wine.
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Needless to say, the rest of the weekend looked kind of like this:
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We just can't keep up like we used to ;)

Jun 30, 2014

D O :: Drive In Movie Date Night

Rob and I had such a fun date night on Friday at the drive in movie.  Four times during the summer, one of the car dealerships in Pensacola organizes a free drive in movie near the baseball stadium and right on the bay.  As soon as I heard about it, I knew this was just our speed.  We went to a drive in movie in Blacksburg a couple of years ago and had a great time, but I think this drive in was even better!  Being right on the water we had an awesome breeze (no bugs!) and getting out after the movie was fast and efficient.
Drive In Movie Date Night
The movie started at 8:30 (Sherman and Mr. Peabody---but the movie is really only part of the experience!) and I read online that parking fills up fast.  Of course, we were there right at 6 when they started parking and were the first car on the lot!  It was worth it as we ended up with one of the best spots on the lot, right in the front of the truck section, with a huge open area in front of us.
Pensacola Drive In Movie
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After parking the car, we walked around downtown and grabbed picnic food to bring back for the movie.  We stopped by Seville's for our Friday tradition of wine tasting and picked up a bottle of wine for the movie.  Luckily they helped us pick out a great twist off because we forgot our bottle opener!  Our next stop was Ever'mans for some wraps, chips and sweets.  Then we walked back to the movie to get all set up.  We blew up the air mattress in the bed of the truck, covered it with pillows and blankets, and then climbed in for the movie.  Our set up was so comfy, I totally could have slept there all night!
Drive In Movie in the back of a truck
Drive In Date Night
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Jun 27, 2014

How to get back on track after a vacation

While trips are supposed to be relaxing, I usually come home feeling tired and out of sorts.  Especially when I go to Virginia to visit family, I tend to overindulge and under exercise which leaves me feeling lethargic and moody when I get home.  (I refer to this icky, off feeling as "the fog") Knowing this is how I am, I have a few tricks that help get me out of this fog as quickly as possible and start soaking in the familiarity of routine.
Getting back on track after a vacation
1. Unpack :: I never want to do it but I force myself to unpack and wash my dirty clothes as soon as I get home.  If I don't, the suitcase filled with clothes will just stress me out until it's done.  (Side note: is there a better carry on bag than the Vera Bradley duffel? I don't care what anyone says about Vera Bradley, this suitcase holds so much and is soft so they never make you gate side check it!)

2. Set an alarm and workout :: Again, does not sound fun but totally necessary.  Getting back into my routine ASAP is vital.  So even though there are other things I could be doing, waking up and going to that 8am Body Pump is going to set me up for success the rest of the day.

3. Eat something GREEN ::  I usually come home having consumed 9283407 grams of sugar which leaves my brain in a fog.  A green juice or smoothie hydrates me, starts getting those healthy greens back in my system and signals to my brain that it's back to our normal food routine.  If my motivation is feeling really low, I'll splurge on a fresh organic juice from Ever'man's or a blueprint juice.

4. Plan :: My planner is my sanity.  Chances are I have been living spontaneously on vacation so nothing feels better when I get home than opening up my planner and getting my life in order.  Plan meals for the week, make a grocery list, and plan something fun to look forward to for the weekend. Planning something fun always helps prevent post-vacation blues.  (My Erin Condren planner came in the mail the day I got home this week so a brand new empty planner was a total bonus!)

5. Hydrate :: Drink as much water as possible.  It will help your brain and your body feel back to normal.  I'm not a huge water fan but love La Croix so that helps me rehydrate.  Three new flavors of La Croix at Target  this week-- Passionfruit, Mango, and Apricot?!  Of course as soon as I found out, I had to get my hands on them!  Passionfruit is definitely up there with coconut as one of my all time favorite flavors.

What are your tips for getting back in the groove after a trip?

Jun 25, 2014

T R A V E L :: Surprise Virginia Trip

Secrets are hard to keep but seriously is there anything better than a good surprise?!  My sister graduated from high school last week so I flew back to Virginia to surprise her for her graduation party.  My family had NO IDEA!  My dad was in on the surprise because I needed him to pick me up from the airport but when I walked in the house my mom immediately started crying and my sister was totally shocked.
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The timing also worked out great because I was able to surprise Rob's parents and my extended family who came in town for the party. I haven't seen most of them since Christmas so it was such a treat to be able to spend time with them.
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I was even able to squeeze in a quick trip North to see Casey's brand new baby boy. Molly drove down from Philly and we met at Casey's place to meet Landon. He was only 10 days old and so so precious. I am so glad we got to catch up for a little and meet him.  It's crazy to think Casey was just telling us she was pregnant on her trip to Pensacola and now Landon is already here!
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The trip was short but sweet and I'm glad I squeezed in seeing as many people as possible!
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