Miyajima Island

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Saturday, we hopped on the train for a quick day trip to Miyajima Island.  Miyajima is home to the floating torii gate, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the most famous spots in Japan.  It's difficult to even tell how massive this shrine is in person!  The island is also home to tons of wild deer, which freely roam the streets and are believed to be sacred.  Of course, a trip to Miyajima would not be complete without a few local fresh oysters and some momiji manju - a maple leaf shaped pastry stuffed with everything from chocolate and custard to green tea and the local favorite: sweet bean paste.  Our favorite?  The sweet custard filled!
Miyajima Island ferry
Miyajima Island is a quick ferry ride from the train station on mainland.
What to do on Miyajima Island
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With temperatures reaching into the 90s, we might have picked the hottest day of summer so far to walk around.  Thank goodness for this adorable mojito stand...including a virgin grapefruit one for this mama-to-be!

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deer on miyajima island
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momiji manju miyajima island
Momiji manju 
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