DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar

I think I've been pinning pallet projects for the last three years and FINALLY got my hands on a couple pallets and got working!  I thought it was going to be tough to decide what to complete but after scrolling through my pins, there was one project that absolutely stood out: the outdoor pallet bar!
DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar
We are completely fascinated by our little backyard and love to eat outside, have bonfires, and take any excuse to spend time back there.  While some people might not understand our love affair with our tiny slab of fenced in concrete, this is our first backyard and we love it!  I knew this bar would be perfect for our space, and practical!  It was a simple first pallet project and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I am definitely not a pro and will probably get all the technical names for things wrong but here is how we made our pallet bar!
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how to make a bar out of pallets
2 Pallets
Sander + Sand paper
Paint, Stain, Primer in your desired colors
Zip Ties
1 Wooden Plank (Cut down to 50 x 12 x 2)
3 inch Wood Screws

1.  Sand down both pallets until smooth.  They don't have to be perfect but you don't want jagged edges or anything that will cut someone or give you a splinter.
2.  Stain the pallets.  I did the first coat in a super dark brown, waited 24 hours and then used a lighter brown as the second coat, going heavier on some planks than others to give it a varied, rustic look.  Make sure to get all of the sides, edges, and insides as you can see a lot of the pallets.
3.  Paint your top wood plank.  (Our wood plank was finished so it didn't need to be sanded)
4.  Ziptie your pallets together and choose the side you would like to be the "front".  Ziptie the pallets to your fence/wall/whatever accordingly for extra support
5.  Place the board on top and screw on to pallets.  (We screwed it from the underneath to keep the surface completely in tact with no holes)
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Dunns Falls

Although this weekend gave us our first true taste of Mississippi summer heat (sweltering!), it was a great one!  We relaxed by the pool, did some shopping in Jackson, caught up on some TV shows, but the highlight of our weekend was checking out Dunn's Falls.  This place is truly a hidden gem in Meridian!
Things to do in Meridian MS
Stetson Hats Meridian MS
Just ten minutes south of downtown Meridian, right off of I-59, is Dunn's Fall -- a gorgeous waterfall along the Chunky River.  It was originally used in 1850 as the power source for a gristmill and the factory that manufactured Stetson hats!  Now, it's just a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon.  There are steps to the bottom of the waterfall and a trail from there to the river for swimming.
Dunns Falls Waterfall Mississippi
Things to do on the weekends in Meridian MS
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In Meridian and want to check it out?  Just take I-59S to the Savoy exit and then follow the signs for Dunns Falls.  It's open 9am to 5pm, Wednesday through Sunday during the summer season.  Heads up: it costs $3.25 per person in an "honor system" box so be sure to bring cash.  There are spots for primitive camping, cabins to rent, and tables for picnics.


Don't you wish that everyone had the same amount of patriotism, pride, and spirit every weekend that they do on 4th of July?!  This weekend will definitely go down as one of my favorites and we didn't even leave our street!
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After seeing a couple slip and slide + flip cup videos on Facebook, I told Blair we had to make it happen...and what better weekend than a long holiday weekend!?  We made a plan, invited friends, and sent the boys to Philadelphia (MS) golfing that morning so that we could get everything ready.
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I think we are all a little bruised today but it turned out to be a ton of fun!  The rules were simple: two teams, relay race style.  Each person had to slip, slide, and flip before the next person could go.  I will say flip cup is much harder than expected when your hands are covered in soapy suds!  After we had our fix of slip and sliding, we brought out the fire pit and grilled out.  Although the forecast called for storms all day, the rain didn't start until the sun went down.  Luckily, we were able to just move the party across the street to Blair's carport/house.  And since we all live in the same neighborhood, we were able to just walk home at the end of the night and crash!   Perks of living on base :)

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Other highlights from the weekend: cooking my first low country boil and watching fireworks at Bonita Lakes!
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Hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

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