Bump Update: Months 5 - 7

I say it all the time but this pregnancy is flying by - third trimester already?!  I definitely see why people rave about the second trimester.  Morning sickness subsided and my energy levels felt pretty normal.  It was almost easy to forget that I was pregnant most days.  The only downside was Rob being gone pretty much the entire second trimester so I spent most of the time missing him like crazy!
pregnant in iwakuni japan
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space a iwakuni to okinawa
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21 weeks pregnant vs 29 weeks pregnant
21 weeks pregnant when he left vs 29 weeks pregnant when he came home
Travels:  He is already my little travel buddy!  We flew Space A to Okinawa to visit our old friends Mackenzie and Jake and again Space A to Tokyo to see Rob when he got back!
Cravings:  Milk!  After drinking almond milk almost exclusively for years, I am shocked at how much I crave regular cow's milk.  Everything from cereal and milk to straight out of the jug, I cannot get enough.
Movement:  I felt him kick for the first time around 18 weeks and since then, it has been constant moving.  I love it and felt like he was reminding me that he was keeping me company while Rob was away.  Also having Braxton Hicks fairly often but luckily they are not painful.
Nesting:  Went on a trip to Ikea in Fukuoka to get baby furniture...and couldn't wait to put it together.  It's been so much fun planning and decorating his nursery...and makes things feel much more real.
Sleep:  Waking up a few times in the night but sleeping well.  Going to bed early and waking up early which is out of character but not unwelcomed!
Favorite Moments:  Finding out the gender.  Surprising Rob with some big belly changes when he finally got home!

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