Phoenix + Sedona, Arizona

Ever fall in love with so many places, you aren't sure where you would live even if you had the choice?!  I swear that is my life!  (Luckily for me, it won't be our choice where to live for a while - thanks USMC!)  This was my first trip to Arizona and while my expectations weren't very high, I ended up totally loving it!  The mountains, the cactus, the views - it was all so different and so amazing.
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My parents planned a trip out to visit my brother in Tempe for ASU Parents Weekend.  Never one to pass up an excuse to travel, I jumped at the invite to tag along.  I was especially excited because Sean got engaged over Labor Day weekend and I couldn't wait to finally meet my future sister in law!
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We explored Papago Park in Phoenix, went to Sean's fraternity tailgate for the ASU game, and spent some time in Sedona.  I couldn't get enough of all of the incredible hiking opportunities and am already thinking about what I want to see the next time I visit.  I wish my pictures could do Sedona justice because it was simply breathtaking in every single direction.
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Oh, and my future sis, Tori?  She is even more wonderful than I could have hoped for!

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  1. I love Arizona, it's definitely one of my favorite places.


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