S'mores and Champagne

Last week, I had the opportunity to host my first coffee for the wives in Rob's squadron.  To clarify (since I did not know this!), in military terms "coffee" is synonymous with "social" --- most of the time, there is not actually any coffee served!  It is simply a monthly social held in part to go over business for that month and in part to get together and socialize! 

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I attended my first coffee back in February at Low Country produce and volunteered to host the May coffee.  Because the weather is gorgeous and so is our neighborhood, I knew I wanted to plan something outdoors.  S'mores and champagne on the river?  Yes and yes!  
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Bug spray and wet wipes for sticky fingers = necessities
cherry limeade recipe
I kept things simple - a s'mores bar, champagne, and a big pitcher of cherry limeade.  It was low key and a great way to just spend time chatting over sweets.  One of the British wives had her very first s'more EVER and when her husband came to pick her up, he had to try his first as well!  
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Fellow military wives -- what are some of your favorite "coffees" you have attended?!


  1. How adorable :) What a cute idea... Looks amazing
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  2. You did a great job hosting! I miss my coffee group from our last unit.

  3. I have yet to attend a coffee because they didn't have them at our last base (the spouse group there was huge, and there were several events each week, so I guess it just wasn't necessary).. and I missed the first one here but am excited to finally check one out soon! This looks fantastic. You put so much work into it - hope everyone loved it!! :)

  4. I'm nervous to attend spouses events after Andy and I get married (in just a few weeks!)

  5. This is such a cute idea!


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