South Carolinians!

It's official....the boxes are unpacked and the move is complete!
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This is our fifth move in four years and every move is a little bit different.  Usually, I am super organized.  I start with my PCS binder and from there I organize every room and check every to-do list box.  Blame it on the holidays or the insanely hectic month or savoring every last minute but this move didn't happen that way.  This move I tried the "no-stress approach".  And guess what?  The movers came, everything got packed, and everything landed safely in our new home!  Sure, there were a few bumps in the road (like the HUGE truck not being able to fit into our neighborhood) but those are always going to happen!
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As for first impressions, I think we are going to LOVE our new home!  There are so many adorable restaurants and shops, lots of opportunities for riding bikes (my favorite!) and being outside, we are close to the water, AND the people are so so friendly.
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This story is the perfect example of why I already love Beaufort:  Our very first full day in town, we grabbed coffee from Common Ground and walked around a few shops downtown.  We went into an olive oil shop, Olive the Above, and were warmly greeted by two female employees.  They asked if it was our first time in the shop and when we told them it was actually our first day in town, they physically clapped and cheered "welcome to Beaufort"s to us.  It was like a scene from a movie and the joyous reaction that I always expect but never actually get.  I couldn't wipe the smile from my face -- I knew I could call this home!
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I think we are going to be just fine here :)


  1. Army posts really suck compared to what the Navy and Air Force have, haha. Glad y'all are liking your new home!

  2. Yay!! :) So glad you are enjoying your new home.

  3. YAY! Moving can definitely suck and I am glad it went fairly smoothly for the two of you. I've had my fair share of moves and they ALWAYS stress me out. Maybe it's the fact of selling and buying a house that I have to deal with too. :)

  4. You will love Beaufort! My hubby was there 4 of the 5 years he was in the Marines and LOVED it! We still have friends we visit over that way. Have fun!

  5. Y'alls place looks adorable! I love the look of it. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Beaufort looks and sounds like a scene straight from a movie. What more could you ask for?! Sounds perfect. I love that y'all went bike riding together. Have fun getting settled in.

  6. I LOVE Beaufort!! Our fingers are crossed that we'll be PCS'ing there this September!! My husband should be getting his orders any week now :)

  7. Gorgeous! Have so much fun exploring :)


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