You've Been Boo-zed!

Growing up, I remember "getting boo-ed" as one of my favorite parts of the fall!  The doorbell would ring, one of us would answer one would be at the door, just a package of treats and a note saying that we had been boo-ed.  It was always so much fun to decide who we were going to pass it on to, our escape route for not getting caught, and picking out the halloween treats.

I think BOO-ZING might be even more fun!

boozing your neighbors

Our neighborhood on base is filled with lots of young couples our age so last fall when I came across the idea of boo-zing instead of boo-ing, I knew I had to remember!

Rob and I hit the store for some treats and then once dark fell, we headed out to start the domino effect.  We boo-zed two of our neighbors and ran out of there before anyone could see us.  (Of course, five minutes later we get a text suspecting that it was us! Oops - this totally has my name all over it!)  It has been so fun to see this trend continue throughout the neighborhood!

You've been boozed

I found these printables on Pinterest and just adjusted them a bit.   It's not too late to start it in your neighborhood.  Just get a few goodies, print out a copy of each page below (right click to save image), and leave it at a neighbors doorstep :)

boozed printable
boozed printable
Happy Fall!


  1. This is so awesome! I BOO-d my neighbors, but this would have been much better!

  2. This is such an awesome gift! I have loads of friend who would love to get their hands on one of these. Thanks for sharing the great idea!


  3. I seriously love this!

  4. YES! Love! There are so many awesome pumpkin ales out right now that would be perfect for this.

  5. Ooh now this is something I need to remember for next year!! We have a ton of young couples in our neighborhood and I know they'd love this!


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