Weekend Travels: Meridian MS to 30A

While my favorite weekends are definitely the ones that have highly anticipated trips planned, a close second goes to the ones where Rob gets home at 3pm on a Friday and says "pack a bag, we're heading to the beach!"  This was one of those spontaneous weekends and it did not disappoint!
Caliza hammocks Alys Beach
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Best place to stay in Alys Beach
Our natural instinct was to head to Pensacola but we decided to mix things up a bit and head to one of my other favorite places in the world: 30A!  It's crazy at we start to think about moving away from this area soon that each trip could be our last...at least for a while.  We threw clothes in a bag and hopped in the car, booking two nights on Eglin Air Force Base at the last minute.  (This is a super budget friendly option for visiting Destin/30A and also good for last minute trips like this when everything else is booked!)  The great thing about our drive is we passed right through Pensacola.  We decided to break up our drive and stop for dinner at Atlas.  A glass of wine, a couple sushi rolls, an awesome sunset...not a bad "pit stop" ;)
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We got in late Friday so we decided to just call it an early night and watch a movie in our hotel room.  We woke up bright and early Saturday, knocked out a quick workout, and then did what any normal people would do post-workout...headed to the Donut Hole for red velvet donuts!  Bellies full of donuts, we headed to Seaside for a day of bike riding, sun tanning, and exploring.
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Caliza at Aly's Beach is one of the most gorgeous places and a necessity for drinks and relaxation.  Lounging in a hammock with a drink in hand, it's hard to imagine that you are just four hours from home and not on a tropical island somewhere!  We finished the night off with chocolate fondue and red wine at La Crema in Rosemary Beach.
Alys Beach 30A vacation
roadtrips from meridian mississippi
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We slept in on Sunday before driving back to Pensacola for a quick lunch on the bay at Jaco's and then eventually back to Mississippi.  It's hard to believe these gulf coast beaches we have called "ours" for the last three years might soon be more than a quick drive away.


  1. Pack a bag we're going to the beach!? Now that sounds like my kind of weekend!! Love all the Lilly!

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  3. My Dad was in the military for 30 years, so I understand your life! Glad you could enjoy Pensacola ( my husbands home of 30 years) and South Walton-30A where I raised our family for the last 20! Sure to see you again soon! Susan


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