Life in Mississippi: Ralph Morgan Rodeo

Our time in Meridian, Mississippi has given us lots of first and this weekend was no exception: first trip to the rodeo!  Last time the rodeo was in town we already had plans so when we saw it was back, I knew we had to make it.
redneck rodeo girl outfits
flight school meridian ms
We invited a couple friends over for a little "Redneck Rodeo" pre-game before the rodeo.  Redneck attire was highly encouraged and the outfits did not disappoint!  We drank spiked sweet tea from mason jars and had some redneck snacks.
redneck party food
white trash party food
ralph morgan rodeo meridian ms
I was the designated driver so in typical Mississippi fashion (where it is legal!), we piled 11 adults and one baby into Rob's truck and headed down some back roads to the rodeo.  Crazy fact -- do you know that drinking while driving is technically legal in the state of Mississippi?  "In Mississippi, the driver and passengers in a vehicle are actually permitted to drink, but the driver may not be intoxicated beyond the legal blood-alcohol content level of .08 percent."  Legal or not, I promise I stuck to just plain sweet tea all night! things to do at nas merdian
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I have to admit, I had NO IDEA what to expect when it came to the rodeo but I definitely didn't expect it to be so dangerous!  I was impressed!  I was also impressed by the tiny future cowboys -- they invited the children to chase the baby calves and kids as young as 5, decked out in cowboy boots of course, would climb up this 10 foot fence and hop over to chase the calves like it was no big deal.  Maybe next year, that will be me ;)
meridian mississippi rodeo


  1. I love rodeos! They are so much fun!

  2. I love Rodeos so much! They are one of my favorite "dates." Apparently there is a huge rodeo here is southern California, but nothing beats a rodeo in the south!

  3. You guys seriously have the most fun!


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