Farm Fresh in Meridian, Mississippi?!

We may not have a Whole Foods, a Fresh Market, or even a Target in Meridian but every other week we do have access to farm fresh eggs, local grass fed meat, and dairy directly from the farm.  Beaverdam Farms, a farm just North of Starkville, offers a private buying club where they deliver pre-ordered products straight from the farm to a host house in Meridian.  You simply place your order online, and then pick it up during the designated Saturday time slot.  The cost of the club is FREE, you just pay for what you purchase.

I heard about Beaverdam Farms from a sweet fellow wife in Rob's squadron.  I excitedly got on their mailing list and placed our first order.  Not sure what to expect (the menu of offerings is huge!), we started small with just bacon and breakfast sausage.  On Saturday, we headed over to the pick up point and were surprised to see Dustin and Ali there for the pick up.  Knowing where your food comes from AND getting the chance to meet and talk with the farmers?!  This was a dream come true and something I was not expecting to find in Meridian.  Pick up was super easy (cash or check and bring your own bags), Dustin and Ali were both super friendly and helpful, and we were excited to see that they bring extras that you can purchase.  We grabbed a dozen eggs in addition to our breakfast meats and were quickly on our way.
Beaverdam Farms Buying Club Meridian MS
Sunday, we made brunch using the eggs and bacon and oh my goodness!  Nothing compares to farm fresh eggs and REAL bacon!  I cannot wait until the next pickup date and know that this will be a bi-weekly treat for us.  Needless to say, our next order will be a little bigger than this one.  After watching the documentary Food, Inc (highly recommend!), it is so refreshing to know exactly what we are putting in our bodies, as well as supporting local farmers in Mississippi.  Is the food more expensive than that at Winn Dixie or Sam's Club?  Of course, but like they say "Pay the Farmer or Pay the Doctor"
Healthy Food Options at NAS Meridian
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(Obviously, this is not a sponsored post :) Just wanted to share a resource that we found and love in Meridian!)


  1. This is so cool! Good for you for supporting local farms

  2. For what it's worth, Food, Inc. is horribly biased and doesn't accurately portray the food industry. But I definitely agree that fresh, local food is fantastic! My mom's best friend has a farm, and the eggs from her chickens are hard to match.

    1. Of course it is super important to do lots of research about topics to get information to make your own conclusions about what is best for your family. Food Inc is just one documentary (of many!) that we watched and enjoyed :)

  3. Farm fresh is the best!

  4. Very cool! We don't have a program like that here (that I know of), but there are all kinds of farms around, so we get eggs from someone local and bought meat from another farm! It's really cool!


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