How to Survive Rivalry Weekend in a House Divided!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and indulgent Thanksgiving!  We stayed in Mississippi for Thanksgiving and had a perfectly low key holiday.  Last year, I hosted Thanksgiving for a group and loved the energy.  This year, Rob and I slept in.  We drank coffee and watched the Macy's parade in bed.  We spent the day leisurely cooking together in the kitchen and made a full feast just for the two of us.  Even though it was only year two, it was already fun to read what people wrote on the tablecloth last year and to daydream about what that tablecloth will look like in 10 and even 20 years! We spent the rest of the day curled up in blankets on the couch, cuddling and resting off our food coma!  For a total extrovert like myself, this type of Thanksgiving was completely out of character, but it was a nice change!
Thanksgiving Feast for Two
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thanksgiving feast for 2
The peace and relaxing of Thursday was quickly diminished when rivalry weekend hit early in our household.  We always joke that we are happily married 364 days of the year...every day except with Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia play each other in football.  Rob and I are both competitive people by nature.  We are also fiercely loyal and both love our colleges through and through.  So things get a little heated when it comes to this game.
Commonwealth Cup House Divided
Normally, this game isn't much of a real rivalry.  We (Virginia Tech) have won the last 10 straight games and 14 of the last 15.  However this year....we were terrible.  Horrible.  The worst team in our division of the ACC.  I was a little nervous that not only would this game be a real rivalry, but we really truly might lose.
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Our first rivalry game in 2007!
We made cocktails, grilled turkey legs, and watched the game.  We lasted about three minutes into the game before we weren't speaking to each other!  The game was intense until the very last second (I may or may not have cried for the last two minutes of the game!) but Virginia Tech pulled out another win to make it 11 years in a row!  Thank goodness!  Go Hokies!  How do you survive rivalry weekend when you are on opposing teams?  Be on the team that wins ;)
VT vs UVA Rivalry Game
VT vs UVA rivalry game in 2008
We spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas, addressing Christmas cards, and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  I can't believe how fast 2014 is going and want to make an effort to really make the most of this last month of the year!


  1. My dad joked in his speech at our wedding that his only worry for our marriage was the last Saturday (or in this case, Friday) in November! So glad the wives were on top this year again!

  2. You mean the day when Virginia Tech beats the Boo Hoo Hoos. ;)


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