Friday Favorites

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Eating :: Malvi Marshmallow Confections in flavors like Raspberry Hibiscus and Passion Fruit Coconut.

Drinking :: Elderflower & Rose Lemonade from The Fresh Market. Seriously SO amazing!

Reading :: The Paleo Kitchen.  Although it took three stores and a whole lot of begging for the last copy, I finally got my hands on this gorgeous cookbook.  Earlier this week, I made the BBQ Sweet Potato Nachos and they were delicious!

Enjoying :: Wine tasting at Seville's is our Friday night tradition.  No matter what, our plans always include a quick stop to taste a few wines, snack on some cheese, and chat.  Last week while browsing the wine store, we came across this funny bottle for a wine called "Sexual Chocolate".  The label is hilarious and any wine that "pairs well with Wednesday nights" is my type of wine.  Melanie, our favorite wine pourer, told us they actually called the number on the label one night and Brandon answered!  She said he was super nice and funny and tries to answer anytime people call.  Their website cracks me up and wine tasting with them is now officially on my bucket list!

Celebrating :: My sister graduated from high school so by the time this posts, I will be back home in Virginia surprising her for her graduation party!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. BBQ sweet potato nachos sound magical! Enjoy your time in VA!

  2. Have a good trip to VA!


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