Cool Ranch Dip

In honor of the rain finally stopping, we invited a few friends over to grill out last night.  The weather ended up being gorgeous and we sat out by the pool enjoying food and beer and good conversation for almost three hours.
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We had burgers, salad, and s'mores bites for dessert but the real fan favorite seemed to be this dip, which was so perfectly named "Cool Ranch Dip" by our friend Paul.  I swear this stuff is addicting; we could not stop eating it!!  I'm normally not a big fan of olives but combined together in this dip they taste perfect.  (Also, how on earth do people entertain outside in Florida? I bought a brand new bag of tortilla chips for the dip and within 15 minutes outside in the humidity they were already totally stale! Help!)  Regardless of the stale chips, this dip was completely gone before the end of the night.  It is a favorite and couldn't be easier to make!
Cool Ranch Dip :: Reddy Or Knot
Cool Ranch Dip
1 16oz Container of Sour Cream
1 Packet Ranch Dip Seasoning
~2 T Taco Seasoning
1 Small Can Chopped Green Chiles
1 Small Can Chopped Olives
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese

Mix all ingredients together.
Refrigerate for at least an hour and enjoy.

My mom makes this dip using the fiesta ranch seasoning but I couldn't find that at Winn Dixie so I just used regular ranch mix and some taco seasoning.


  1. Mmmm that sounds delicious!!!


  2. Looks so good! Who doesn't love a good ranch dip?

  3. i love dips and chips! it's the best snack. this recipe sounds awesome and i'm most intrigued by the taco seasoning in it! i bet thats so good.

  4. minus the olives this sounds lovely!

  5. OMG! I didn't think the rain was ever going to stop.. it was making me miserable! AND, I had to get out into the down pour at least ten times yesterday. PS- the dip sounds Fabulous!


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