It's feels like I am graduating all over again

Today is my last day of work.  In case you don't know, I have the coolest possible job.  I get to hang out with teenagers all day and well, you know, also teach them some Algebra.  Not cool enough?  How about the fact that I teach at the high school I graduated from AND that my sister currently still attends. I have spent two wonderful years here and am so sad to say goodbye to some of my favorite students. 

Top  Five Favorite Memories
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1. Friday Night Lights
Football at my high school is huge.  Of course I was obsessed with this and only wanted to make it an even bigger deal.  Being in charge of the school spirit club was probably the best thing I ever did.  Designing t-shirts, throwing tailgates, getting businesses on board when the team went to States--I was totally in my element.  North is known for having...rowdy fans and I loved every minute of it.  I was so sad to leave Virginia Tech football when I graduated so transitioning in the insane high school football scene was a necessity.  
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2. High School Romances and Gossip
I was totally caught up in the who's dating who gossip at the school.  Sometimes I would have to remind myself that I was not still in high school and none of this really effected me ha ha I also loved how the kids viewed our marriage as the "fairytale ending" of all high school relationships.  I mean we were homecoming and prom dates senior year and end up together ;)
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3. Mr. Reddy
While Rob was waiting to pick up at TBS, I twisted his arm into he decided to substitute teach at my school.  He even ended up with a long term job as the Earth Science teacher for TWO whole months.  This meant we could drive to work together, eat lunch together, and talk in the hallway between classes.  We were even in the homecoming fashion show together ha ha  This also meant between the two of us, we pretty much knew every single kid in the school and couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone we knew.  Even though we knew it was temporary, these are some of my absolute favorite memories of being newlyweds.  And yes, of course all of the girls had a crush on him ha ha
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4. Conferences (Not parent teacher conferences!)
Okay so this is pretty much the teacher version of saying I love field trips.  But whatever, who doesn't love field trips.  I was lucky enough to take a group of students to the National Reniassance conference last summer in Orlando and it was pretty incredible.  I love seeing and interacting with the kids outside of the strict classroom environment 
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5. "I maybe sorta don't hate math"
I can't even explain the feeling of watching a kid who has never been successful pass their extremely difficult final state test or get an A on their first quiz.  I can't explain how it feels to call a parent who only ever receives negative calls to tell them how wonderful their child and how much they have improved.  There has been lots of laughs and lots tears (mostly happy) and enough proud moments to give me goosebumps.

Thanks North Stafford, for an amazing two years.  Thanks for taking a chance on me as a brand new teachers, for letting me do things my way - from decorating my room in pink and green Lilly Pulitzer to creating a spirit club twitter, and for a zillion wonderful memories.  


  1. As a high school teacher myself, I am obsessed with this post! I haven't gotten my first job yet but I have a strong feeling that my style is identical to yours! Great post

  2. What a fun job! I personally hated anything to do with math in school, even though I was good at it. But they always say, if you love what you do then it really isn't work!

  3. such fun photos!
    Coming from GFC collective blog hop.
    New follower via GFC

  4. So apparently all this time you were teaching at the high school my sister goes to and another graduated from! I had no idea!

    1. Jess, that is so crazy!!! Such a small {blog} world!

  5. This post was so cute! I love to see people who love their jobs and are passionate about that and I really admire that you do! It's tough to find good teachers these days and you seem like an amazing one!

  6. Your husband got something on his hoodie. You might want to bleach it to get that out ;)


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