Pepperoni Roll Up

Pepperoni Roll Up
1 Roll Up (from costco)
16 slices Turkey Pepperoni
1 Laughing Cow Queso Fresco and Chipotle Wedge
Pre-heat oven to broil.
Spread cheese wedge evenly over roll up.  Make sure to spread all the way to the edges.
Add pepperoni evenly.
Bake at broil for 3 minutes.

WW Points +: 6 for entire roll up

Note: When I made this the first time I used half the pepperoni and 2oz of buffalo chicken.  It was good but when I made it with just pepperoni the second time I think it was even better!!  Either way, these roll ups make a delicious lunch!


  1. That looks good! And easy enough that I could handle it!

  2. looks yummy! Love your design btw ;D

  3. ohh you're killing me with this food! maybe I should go eat breakfast already, although my yogurt is not a Pepperoni roll-up. Maybe I'll just imagine it is ☺

  4. thanks!! you girls are awesome!! :)

  5. YUM!!! I've never had turkey pepperoni but I want to try it!

    1. I don't think it tastes much different at all than normal pepperoni...especially when it is hot (like on pizza)

  6. Oh my goodness this looks so delicious! Turkey pepperoni is delicious (I'll eat any kind of pepperoni). This would be great for taking to work!

  7. I am cooking challenged so this might be a dumb question but is there a roll up alternative? I don't have a Costco nearby. This looks delicious!


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