Mullet Toss!

I have to say, I get pretty lucky every year when it comes to birthday weekends.  In Virginia, my birthday always fell on Foxfield weekend and for the last two years it has fallen on Mullet Toss weekend in Florida.  Birthdays are always exciting but it's even more exciting when they coincide with a huge tailgate party!  When my brother was in Pensacola, he went to Mullet Toss and kept raving about how much fun it was.  Last year, Rob and I went while living in Pensacola and, like Sean, told everyone we knew about how amazing it was and how much we loved it.  Needless to say, going back this year was an obvious. 
Carmen Pensacola
where to stay for mullet toss
On Friday, I drove down from Meridian and picked up Erin from the airport who flew in from San Diego.  Erin and I had lunch at Carmen downtown and ran a few errands before checking into the condo.  A couple months ago, we were looking at places to stay for Mullet Toss and lucked into an awesome place in Phoenix IX--right on the beach, two buildings away from Flora-Bama.  The place did not disappoint and the location was PERFECT!  Traffic is crazy on Mullet Toss weekend so being able to walk everywhere was amazing.  We were able to check in early so we unpacked and headed straight for Flora-Bama to walk around and check things out while waiting for everyone else to arrive.  When Rob and Danielle made it, we headed downtown for dinner (Nom) and drinks (Old Hickory).
mullet toss at the flora bama
Flora-Bama Mullet Toss
Saturday morning we woke up and had belgian waffles and mimosas on the porch before packing up the party and taking it down to the beach.  After a little tent drama ($50 tent fee? Really?!), we got settled in.  If you have never been to or heard of Mullet Toss, it is a big event held each year at the Flora-Bama, a bar on the state line between Florida and Alabama.  It is pretty much a three day beach party where people throw a mullet (the fish not the hairstyle!) over the state line from Florida to Alabama.  People take it very seriously and tailgates are set up with everything from huge DJ systems to blow up hot tubs.  It is a blast!  We spent the day bopping around from tent to tent and met up with friends from Meridian.
Review of Mullet Toss
Phoenix IX for Mullet Toss
We went back upstairs around 4pm for a late lunch and it was perfect timing because in true beach fashion a MASSIVE 15 minute storm blew in, flipping furniture and taking out tons of tents - including ours!  As quickly as it blew in, it blew back out so we were back down without missing a beat.  Saturday night we showered and headed to Flora-Bama for some live music.  Flora-bama was packed and people were in rare form ;)
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Crowded Flora-bama on Mullet Toss Weekend
On Sunday, we headed to The Gulf for brunch before Danielle had to head home.  The weather was gorgeous so after brunch we headed straight to the beach for Mullet Toss round 2.  Rob and I threw the mullet last year so we convinced Erin that she had to do it.  She did great and it was funny to watch people toss.  After a weekend of drinks and sunshine, we were exhausted so we made food at the condo and had a lazy night.
how to toss a mullet
Brunch at The Gulf Orange Beach AL
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Monday morning Rob woke up early to drive back to Meridian in time for work and Erin and I slept in and checked out.  Unfortunately, we turned the place upside down but it looked like somehow throughout the weekend I lost my purse.  I was super bummed (especially because I'm the girl who never carries cash but happened to have over $200 of birthday money in my purse) but didn't want to put a damper on the weekend so just decided to focus on the positives, like that I didn't lose my car keys with the purse ha ha!  We grabbed lunch at George's before dropping Erin off at the airport and heading back to Meridian.  Yesterday, I was reminded that there are truly good people out there.  The lady from Phoenix IX called me to let me know a housekeeper had found and turned in my purse.  Not only my purse but every penny of the $240 cash inside!  I am so lucky and thankful.
George's in Pensacola
I had such a fun time and if this weekend was any indication of how 26 is going to be, I can't wait! :)


  1. SO fun! My sister lives an hour from Pensacola and it's such a pretty place!

    1. It is so gorgeous!! We were definitely sad to move away but luckily we live close enough to make it back for weekend trips

  2. What a great weekend! Some folks from my Alabama days went to Mullet Toss, too.

    1. It seems like people really come from all over the South for it! I guess any excuse to tailgate in the Spring is a good one :)

  3. Looks as though you guys had a great time!
    P.S. I love your maxi dress in the first picture!


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