Seafood from a Gas Station and other Mississippi things

This weekend crossed quite a few things off of our Meridian Bucket List.  Ever since we moved here, we have been talking about going to Rudders, the little bar on base, less than a mile from our house.  We constantly joke about being regulars there and finally this weekend it happened.  Although it was much bigger (and more crowded!) than I was expecting, it was a fun time and I think we will definitely be back.  The drink prices are cheaper than happy hour in a college town but it does close at midnight so don't show up too late!
Rudders at NAS Meridian
Things to do on NAS Meridian
Kyleigh and I had to do some shopping on Saturday so we grabbed lunch at Sake Sushi and knocked out some errands.  Of course, we couldn't resist getting fro-yo before heading back to base.  When I got home, Rob was starving and I had to get groceries from Sam's Club so we made the trip back to town.  Being the researcher that I am, I had seen a bunch of mentions of these amazing seafood po-boys from a place in a gas station.  I'm not a po-boy fan so I thought this would be the perfect time for Rob to try it.  The place is called Seafood Express and it is, in fact, in a gas station.  Not only a gas station, but a super sketchy gas station with bars on all of the windows and doors.  When we walked inside there were close to 15 people waiting for their food so we knew we were in the right spot!  We checked out the HUGE menu and Rob placed his order.  While we were waiting, we realized there is a call ahead number and that is definitely the way to go!  Rob got hush puppies and the 8 inch shrimp po-boy and everything was made to order and delicious!  Definitely a random location but worth it.
Seafood Express Po-Boy Meridian, MS
On Sunday, I went to a baby shower for a fellow wife, Danielle, at Blair's house.  It was fun and I even won a prize for one of the games!  Afterwards, we came home and had drinks, made guacamole, blueberry bbq wings, and some sweet treats for the Super Bowl.  I was hoping for the Seahawks to win but at least it was a pretty good game.
Flight School Baby Shower
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  1. All those goodies look amazing, yum!

  2. The important question: how does Rudders compare to Sharkey's and Tots?

    1. hahha no comparison at all!! The drinks might be cheap but nothing compares to my love for TOTS ;)

  3. Haha a Poboy from a gas station does not suprise me in the South! Cute baby shower!


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