Friday Favorites

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1. Can we just stay in this phase forever??  Rob wasn't scheduled to fly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of this week.  This means, with the exception of studying, we were able to embrace slow paced mornings of sleeping in, reading, and breakfast in bed.   I know this time won't last so I am soaking it up while I can!

2. I made this acorn squash recipe this week and it was delish!  I can't get enough of squash recipes in the fall!  (Send any favorites my way!)

3.  With fall recipes, I can't help but get excited for Thanksgiving!  I hosted Thanksgiving by myself for the first time last year and loved it.  This year, I think we will be attending multiple "Friendsgivings" so I am already trying to narrow down what I want to bring.

4. Is it acceptable to talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas in the same round of favorites?  Either way, the holidays are coming quick!  We are heading to the Jackson for the Junior League Holiday Market this weekend and I am hoping to knock out a bunch of Christmas shopping!  I like to be done with all of my shopping by Thanksgiving so that I can relax and enjoy December but the shopping options in Meridian are slim.  Fingers crossed for good shopping luck this weekend!

5. This quote and this video are great reminders to give ourselves a little grace, especially during the holiday season.

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  1. Love that first photo of you two - so sweet! Happy Friday!


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