DIY Map Wall Art

I came across the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magenetic Zeros and I fell in love with it.  Around the same time I was looking for something to decorate this awkward bump out wall above my couch.  Somehow I meshed the two together and I love how it turned out.  They are inexpensive and super light for hanging.  You could also use just about any style photo and quotes to customize your own!

These "canvases" were super easy to create. 

Three 12x12 Canvases (Mine were Artist Loft from Michael's)
Wall Sized Map (I found mine at Staples)
Two 11x11 Photos (B&W prints this size at Staples are like a dollar a piece!)
Black Paint Pen (I used thin tip)
Mod Podge
Spray Adhesive

Cut squares out of the map big enough to cover the canvas and wrap about the back.  Don't worry about your cutting, you won't be able to see the edges at all.
Spray glue the map to the canvas and wrap like a present.  Staple on back side.  Repeat for all three canvases.
Spray glue one photo on each of two of the canvases. 
Use paint pen to stencil quote, lyrics, words on third canvas.
Cover all three canvases with two layers of mod podge.

Tip:  I am not very good at lettering so I printed out my letters from the computer and then drew them so that I had something to go off of.

I'm happy with how they turned out.  The quote is perfect for us being military because it's so true.  It doesn't matter where we go as long as we are together, that's home.


  1. This is so cute!!! I am obsessed with that song (I even blogged about it recently), and I love that you took the sweet words and turned it into something you'll see every day!

    1. Ah thanks!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this song on repeat :)


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