Chili Cookoff

After hearing so much about Chili Cookoff, we finally got to experience our first one and it lived up to all expectations.  Winning best overall for the third year in a row was pretty much the perfect way to end our time in Beaufort with a bang! :)
 photo E8FF134A-0351-4979-AFAA-DB0AEFC8E4D8.jpg
 photo 96D8467A-A005-40B4-9CC5-CAF92527C254.jpg
 photo CFC988A6-9AC2-4CBC-9BFF-082D59894ACC.jpg
 photo D02268CC-4FBA-4655-845B-F77A8EB38489.jpg
 photo C4E92A48-FFAE-459B-9B61-F2FE3CA5A092.jpg
 photo 18A93E7F-07CD-4A59-9EC7-9C4D7AC9BF91.jpg
 photo 9A8EC2E1-BAA0-4645-85E3-F778392D838B.jpg
 photo 1ECE3D34-602F-4986-A32B-BE965DF1F415.jpg
 photo 62C56ACF-65B5-4420-BE75-D1A14435EACB.jpg
 photo 6B124684-0B7F-45A4-BCCE-7DD3F80E5A05.jpg
 photo C414CD11-7C20-4A36-90E3-D62D4F1F5FC0.jpg
 photo 18E478DB-781F-40E1-97EC-8194D35DEEF8.jpg
 photo B0C25DFE-DF33-42AE-861F-03FCC4108C17.jpg
 photo 4F0B14BB-6147-4423-A348-1B72869E45E7.jpg


  1. How fun!!!!! It looks like you guys had such a great time!

  2. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen, and I'm super jealous no one in the Army does anything remotely this fun, haha.


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