Carolina Cup

It's no doubt that one of my favorite Spring memories is Foxfields.  It is something that I looked forward to every year in college and even after graduation.  Somehow through crazy schedules at different, fraternity pledging, enlisting in the Marine Corps and later being at TBS, we made it to Foxfields six years in a row.  The last two years, we missed Foxfields but replaced it with an equally wild tradition of Mullet Toss!
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When we found out we were moving to South Carolina, we knew that we would have to check out Carolina Cup.  I have to admit, I completely forgot about it until the night before the races.  We made the spontaneous decision to throw some things together and go at the last minute.  It was a quick hop up 95 and totally worth it!
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The day started out cool however when the sun came out the weather was perfect.  We had the best time drinking blueberry moscow mules, people watching, and eating way too much pimento cheese, Publix fried chicken and bourbon balls.  We even came across an entire tailgate of Hokies, in town from Virginia Tech!  I love any reason to spend the day outside and an excuse for Rob to wear a bow tie makes it even better!


  1. OMG!! Looks like soon much fun I love it

  2. I've never been to Foxfields. Worst Virginia Tech Greek ever, haha.


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