Shopping Healthy At Sam's Club

Walking through the aisles of a gorgeous grocery store like Whole Foods, I am always inspired to cook fresh, natural meals and try new healthy foods.  Unfortunately, Whole Foods is an hour and a half away and I don't quite get that same feeling walking the aisles of the Wal-Mart grocery section.  We try to eat as healthy as possible during the week which means our grocery card looks pretty similar: lots of fresh produce, meat, and many of the same pantry staples.  We try to get most of our produce from the Farmer's Market (or our garden!) and prefer to get our meat from Beaverdam Farms but realistically, we aren't at a place right now where we eat all local/organic.  So are we stuck making the most of the aisles of Wal-Mart?

My new secret: Sam's Club!  We have always had a membership to Sam's Club because you simply cannot beat the price for bulk fruit, vegetables, and meat.  Recently though, I've realized that I am able to knock out more and more of my grocery list for a fraction of the price.  Sprouted bread?  Bulk quinoa?  Almond butter?  Check, check, and check!  While I'm not sure Sam's Club will ever beat out Costco as my favorite big box store, it is definitely

Here are a couple of my current favorite Sam's Club products and ones that we always have stocked at our house.

Shopping Healthy At Sam's Club

Kind Bars {18 bars / $18.98}
Chia Seeds {A zillion lol / $12.98}
Sprouted Grain Bread  {2 loaves / $4.98}
Sprouted Grain Rolls {30 rolls / $2.91}
Organic Chicken and Cheese Burritos {8 burritos / $12.28}
Frozen Broccoli {4 bags / $5.98}
Frozen Fruit {4 lbs / $7.98}
Eggs {18 eggs / $3.48}
Unsweetened Almond Milk {3 half gallons / $8.48}
Bananas {3 lbs / $1.49}
Avocados {6 / $6.98}
Sweet Potatoes {10 lbs / $7.98}
Food Should Taste Good Chips {20 bags / $9.98}
Almond Butter {24 oz / $9.78}
Microwavable Quinoa {4 bags / $9.98}
Coconut Oil {54 oz / $10.98}
Coconut Flour {5 lbs / $8.98}
Coconut Palm Sugar {4 lbs / $12.98}
Rotisserie Chicken {1 / $4.98}

Do you shop at Sam's Club (or Costco)?  What are your favorite finds?


  1. I love this!! We shop at Costco and they always have fresh fruit and tons of organic items ;)

  2. I really miss having a Sam's Club close!

  3. I'm just jealous that quinoa is so cheap there. Hard to find and so expensive here!

  4. I LOVE Costco, but we only have Sam's and we love it because of the healthy options like Chia seeds and large quantities of fruit and vegetables. However, I don't care if I go broke- if we ever live near a Whole Foods or something I will totally be buying groceries there all the time. I agree that those places are so inspiring!


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