What I Ate Wednesday

This second edition of What I Ate Wednesday is pretty darn boring...but also pretty typical for what we eat on a normal running around kind of weekday.
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1. Nothing :: I worked out first thing in morning on an empty stomach and I don't love doing that.  (Rob had to go to work early and I hit snooze a few too many times so I left myself no time to eat.)  With that said, a 20 minute PiYo video is totally do-able on an empty stomach.
2. Shakeology :: Chocolate, of course.  I am seriously obsessed.
3. Greek Yogurt :: Quick snack while doing some planning/work on the computer
4. PB and Banana Sandwich :: Which I ate in the car on the way to the grocery store and forgot to take a picture of! Oops!
5. Publix Samples :: Publix has the best samples.  Rob makes fun of me because when I hear them say over the intercom that the sample meal is ready, I drop everything and run!
6. Cheeseburger Bites and Carrot Apple Slaw :: These cheeseburger bites are so stinkin' good! Dinner recipes found here
7. Wine and Cheese :: I went to a friend's Agnes and Dora party last night and had some wine while trying on leggings! haha Pretty perfect combo if you ask me ;)


  1. I agree with working out on an empty stomach. The last time I ate before working out, I threw up at the gym. Classy.

  2. I spy a VT Tervis.... love it! :)

  3. Anonymous8/06/2014

    I've been eating pb & banana sandwiches for lunch this week so good!! Also, I'm so happy I came over to check out your blog after you left a comment on mine. I saw the words "PCS" and knew I would be reading more of your posts. I started dating a boy in the army last year so I've been having to learn a lot!!


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