Friday Favorites: Kenny + Bushwacker

Happy Friday! A couple of current favorites:
The Gulf Orange Beach, AL
We headed over to our old stomping grounds this week in Perdido Key to pick up our wristbands (see next point) I was so nostalgic driving over the bridge and passing our old house, which is kind of silly considering it's only an hour from where we live now, but I still miss it!  We grabbed lunch at The Gulf which is hands down my favorite place in all of Pensacola.  Nothing beats this view! 
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A few weeks ago, Kenny Chesney randomly announced he was going to end his 2014 hiatus by doing a free concert on the beach at the Flora-Bama!!!  Of course I freaked out and knew I had to get my hands on tickets.  I was on my computer/phone/ipad at 7am when tickets were released online and had my mom and sister doing the same.  The website crashed repeatedly and tickets were gone in 9 minutes but somehow we nabbed tickets!  The concert is this weekend and I cannot wait!!! His new song, Flora-Bama has been on repeat at our house all week.  
Bushwacker Shakeology Recipe
In addition to blasting Kenny, I have been craving a bushwacker.  Flora-bama and bushwackers go hand in hand.  Although my mind is in weekend mode, drinking a bushwacker at 9am on a weekday is typically frowned upon (unless you are on vacation!)  Instead I decided to make mix up my shakeology and try out a bushwacker version.  I must say it's pretty darn close and a much healthier option for a weekday morning!
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Finally, it's hard for me to believe but my sister is moving into her dorm and starting college today! I don't know where the time goes or how she is possibly old enough for college but I am so excited for her!  I keep begging her to let me move in with her ;)
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  1. That restaurant looks so nice!

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  4. Have fun at the concert! I can only hope your sister is going to Tech.


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