Blackwater River

Even though Rob has technically been station at Whiting Field in Milton for the last few months, we spend all of our time on the Pensacola side of the bridge.  I don't think we are missing much but I did want to explore the Blackwater River before we move.  The weather was gorgeous this week and since Rob is between schools and doesn't have to go in to work, we decided to take advantage and have a little day date adventure!
Bob's Canoe
Bob's Canoes in Milton
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We packed a lunch and drove out to Milton to float down the river.  We decided to rent our kayaks through Bob's Canoes and would definitely recommend them.  You park, pay (cash only!), and then hop in the back of the truck.  They load up the kayaks/tubes and drive you about four miles down the road to a drop point in the river.  Once you get there, they unload everything, help you get set up in the water, and off you go.  So helpful for new people like us!
Floating on the Blackwater River
Kayaking in Milton, FL
Floating down the Blackwater River
Once in, we just spent a couple of hours floating down the Blackwater River. Honestly, it was gorgeous and so relaxing. We really only used the paddles to steer so it was a super easy day.  We put our kayaks on the sand a couple of times and hung out in the water.  The water is chilly but felt wonderfully refreshing in this Florida humidity.  We had the entire river to ourselves, with the exception of a couple of groups of tubers.  I'm sure it is busier on the weekends but it was really peaceful on a Wednesday afternoon!  We floated for several miles until we came to the sign for Bob's canoes.  A man was there to help get our kayaks out of the water and onto the truck and drove us right to our car.  We had a great time!
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Bob's Canoes


  1. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, haha.

  2. what a cool way to relax!! i'm not a good swimmer so i'd have a fear that the kayak would flip me over and i would drown, but if that was a no possbility, then i'm down! haha.

    A @ as the wine cork turns

  3. The perfect day date!


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