Saturday Morning Routines

While some people may consider routines boring, I LOVE them!  Maybe it's because we already have so many unknowns in our life or maybe it's because I just like knowing what to expect, but I love having a good routine in place.  Our Saturday morning routine has evolved into this perfect routine that I look forward to every week.  We have done the same thing every week for the last couple of months and each time I still get excited.  I think part of the magic is that Saturday mornings feel like stolen time since for the last couple years, most Saturday mornings were slept away thanks to Friday night! ;)
Pensacola Palafox Market
Our morning starts by waking up slowly.  Reading in bed, talking, but never rushing and never setting an alarm.  Once our stomachs finally start rumbling, we head downtown to Bodacious Brew for almond milk lattes and scrambles.  The coffee at Bodacious is absolutely amazing and the food is wonderful too.  They make the food next door at their sister restaurant, The Bodacious Olive, and everything is so tasty.
Things to do in Downtown Pensacola
Bodacious Brew Pensacola FL
Brunch at Bodacious Brew
After filling up on coffee and brunch, we head to the other side of Palafox Street to stock up on fresh and local produce for the week at the farmers market.  I love to walk around and look at all the interesting vendors but cannot leave without my usual haul - kale, eggplant, seasonal berries and fresh flowers.
Palafox Market Pensacola
Farmers Market in Pensacola
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Pensacola Farmers Market
In addition to fruits and veggies, I have two favorite stops at the Palafox Market.  The first is to listen to the awesome bluegrass band that plays every Saturday.  (The sign below about looking for a new bass player cracks me up!)
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Palafox Market Pensacola FL
The second is grabbing lemonades at the East Hill Honey stand.  East Hill Honey is an awesome local honey company run by the cutest Pensacola couple.  (They deliver their honey weekly to East Hill proper by bicycle!) A trip to the market is never complete without a mason jar of their delicious honey lemonade.
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We usually round out the day with a beach trip or time by the pool.  Is it Saturday yet?!  How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

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  1. ahhhh seems so relaxing. and it's hard to describe my love for brunch. yum!


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