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Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows

1. Eat
My mom sent a package full of fall goodies, including these pumpkin spice marshmallows!! I did not even know they existed but they are my current obsession.  I have been putting them in coffee, in hot apple cider, and just eating them plain out of the bag.  Next step, pumpkin spice rice krispy treats!

2. Watch
#Don'tFallforFall.  When I saw this video on Katie's blog, I could not stop laughing.  Now every time I even mention the word pumpkin, Rob says "do you need to watch the video again?"
Pralines and Cream Blue Bell

3. Indulge
We bought Pralines and Cream Blue Bell ice cream for my brother when he was in town and OMG! It is incredible! I didn't think that I was a huge fan of P&C but this one is to die for!  We can't stop eating it! (Also, Pralines and Cream is the seasonal McFlurry flavor at McDonalds! Haven't tried it yet but might need to!)
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4. Celebrate
Although the days have been filled with more studying and less beach time, it is paying off! Rob got a 100% on his first two IFS tests! Yay!
Rimmel Red Lipstick $5

5. Try
I have been looking to step out and find a perfect shade of red lipstick for fall.  I bought this one at Target for five bucks and love it!  The color is perfect and it stays on forever.  I tried it out yesterday {at the pool lol} and can't wait to wear it for real this weekend.


  1. Congrats Rob! Those pumpkin spice marshmallows look delicious. It does not feel like fall at all here. Kind of sad about it. Wish we could still spend weekends together, because I would totally rock red lipstick with you!

  2. Yay for your hubs! I wish I could eat ice cream! That sounds so yummy!

  3. I had no idea about those marshmallows either! Of course those will be making their way home with me next trip to the grocery store.

  4. that PSA was the greatest, most fantastic thing i have ever watched. #iheartfall #fallingforfall #wheresmysweater

  5. Congratulations to Rob! Your mom is so sweet for sending you fall goodies. Have a great weekend!


  6. Oh my god...that video is perfect!! I've been all about fall, but I'm not a pumpkin fan (yes, I know I'm like the only one in the world!) - everything in my vocabulary has been about fall though. It's got to stop. When's winter start? =)

  7. I'm a new follower! I came across your blog on a link up (I'm a new blogger and I've joined so many, I can't keep track of which one). I really enjoyed this post. I have been hunting for the perfect red lipstick and haven't had any luck after two failed attempts. Who knew it was so difficult. I seem to have the same problem with red nail polish. Anyway, I'm glad you found yours!

    ~ Rebekah @

  8. That video about fall is too funny! It is way too accurate!

  9. That video is great!! Enjoy the marshmallows--they sound delicious!

  10. That video!!!! Omg it was just dying over it and made my husband watch it! I was already writing a "the grinch who stole fall" post for next week and that about sums it up!

  11. Okay I know we don't have Blue Bell in Vegas but is the Pralines and Cream McFlurry a regional thing??? Cuz if it is, I am trying it when I visit my honey in Pcola next month!!!!


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