Inner Harbor--Sailabration

I got out of work early yesterday so Rob and I drove up to the Inner Harbor to walk around.  It turned out to be "sailabration" so all of these huge ships from all different country's navys were in the harbor.  It was pretty cool to see.  Plus I love unexpected surprise events!!
I got such a kick out of seeing the kids in those floating dragons.  I guess you could rent the "dragon boats" and take them out in the water but I just found them hilarious.  They were everywhere!

We found a seat at Phillip's and had a drink at the bar.  Their strawberry lemonade is to die for!  The weather was beautiful so we sat outside on their floating deck bar.  We got to watch the Blue Angels flyover (more like ten flyovers in a row!) which was awesome.  Then we walked around this awesome  Barnes and Noble.  It used to be an old power plant so when they restored it they kept a lot of the cool architecture.

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